Review: Wonder Woman

If you know anything about me and movies, you will not be surprised to hear that I cried when Steve died. I cried because a good soul was taken from the world. I cried because that soul never got to grow old with the love of his life. I cried in the name of love so powerful that one would sacrifice himself for the sake of another.

And then I cried because I realized that that is the kind of love Jesus exhibited when He died on the cross for the sake of the world. I cried harder when I recalled that He died for me. And I cried because, unlike Steve, He did not depart from this world forever: He came back, and He lives in us today to inspire us to carry on His mission. Maybe not by causing some action-movie worth explosions, but by putting the needs of others before our own, by loving, because only love can truly save the world.

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