Review: The Matrix

Wanting to check The Matrix off of my “movies to see” list, my family and I were able to borrow the four-part series from my friend Caedmon Evans.

The middle two are pretty bad, but my dislike comes more from the content than the plot.

The “celebration of humanity” scene was the worst. While watching it, I was about to say it was an accurate depiction of school dances until I saw the magnitude of bare flesh and bodies crawling over each other in a sexual manner. Then there was Neo and Trinity. The whole thing was disgusting, down-right revolting, and disheartening.

This is what a God-less world looks like, I thought, a life spent fulfilling your desires. No innocence. No purity.

Why can’t they make movies focussed on wholesome fun? The simple, beautiful, little things that make up life: laughing with a good friend, sunshine, a pleasant breeze, and random acts of kindness. Why can’t media focus on or at least include all the goodness life has to offer?

Caedmon was quite right to say that the fourth one should be burned. It’s not even a movie, just a collection of 10-minute clips (each of which was made using a different art form).

Aside from the setting, the first segment is not at all connected to the other movies. New characters, new ship, new plot. The animation lacked heart. I felt no connection to the portrayed characters and so did not care whether they lived or died. Also, this one had more sexual content.

To summarize: The Matrix is something I would watch to check off my list, but never again.

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