I Remember

To the incoming ninth-grader:

I remember being in your shoes: the school tours, weighing options, the unknown. How do you judge something you have no context for or experience with?

I remember my first exposure to this school, hearing of all the opportunities that lay ahead and the greatness of past accomplishments. I remember seeing faces, hearing their names, and forgetting them soon afterward, not knowing just how familiar they would soon become. I remember observing the love shared between people who called themselves “Blazers,” a bond that seemed like it would be little affected by distance and time.

I remember the first time I climbed the stairs of the deck on day one of a four year journey that lay at great length before me. I remember Ms. Looper speaking to my Freshman Success class, pointing out the obvious of how slow high school was passing along, but also advising that it would be over in a blink of an eye. And then I blinked, and now I’m here:

The faces of strangers are now people I call family, some of the best friends I will ever make. The love that we share is not something you find every day, a bond that will be little affected by distance and time, because making it through high school is not an experience you gain every day.

To the incoming ninth-grader: you have no way of knowing the experience you will gain in the next four years or how it will shape you. The hellos and the goodbyes. The tears and the laughs. The joy and the sorrow. You have no way of knowing how you will soon gain a sense of belonging here at Greer Middle College Charter High School.

To the incoming ninth-grader: welcome home.

Tristen Thomas, GMC Class of 2019

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