Review: Crocs Isabella Sandals

At the start of my family’s trip throughout Florida, we got a deal on Crocs’ Isabella Sandals to be an alternative pair of shoes for me. In the warmer months, I had been wearing a standard pair of flat-footed sandals for about a year. I, therefore, enjoyed the transition from my first pair’s hard bottoms (though not uncomfortable in themselves) to the memory foam-like setting of the Crocs pair.

I love the water-resistant material Crocs are made out of. This was especially handy throughout Florida as rain there runs like clockwork. With these shoes I didn’t have to worry about how the water was affecting the longevity of my footwear since the droplets rolled right off!

One stickler about the design is how it rubs. The first day I wore them, the shoes cut up my heels while the second day blistered my toes. Of course, this is nothing a bandaid can’t resolve, but I’ve found that if I don’t wear these shoes consistently, the same damage will occur if I exceed my average walking rate in them.

All in all, a pair of these sandals is a must-have. Not only do they look cute, but they are an essential in my summer wardrobe. Practical and stylish, summer’s spontaneous rainstorms have nothing on you now!

To explore more by Crocs, click here.

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