Review: Endgame

After months of waiting through production and then releasal from theaters (and then again when Marvel decided to lengthen their work) and having to guard my eyes and ears against any potential spoilers, Avenger’s Endgame was finally available for rent.

I enjoyed the movie but, as is with all box office films these days, there were a few stiflers: (1) Captain Marvel’s pixie cut which took away her feminine appeal to increase superiority and support feminism, (2) the gay guy in Captain America’s support group, and (3) the girl team up in the last fight scene. I highly doubt there were no males present in that section of the battlefield.

On the upside, Scarlet Johansson’s acting was absolutely phenomenal. There was not a moment when her emotion was not raw and genuine, a mastery which made the character of Natasha Romanov seem all the more real. Also, it makes me very happy that Steve and Peggy were able to grow old together. I’ve always admired Cap’s undying love for Peggy, a loyalty which connects to my highlight from the movie: the theme of friendship.

I absolutely love the friendship between Nat and Clint and how Marvel kept it pure. The two share an unbreakable bond and care for each other on the level that really matters, but they never kissed. I appreciate this gem of innocence, as Clint is a married man. I also love how Nat and Clint fought to sacrifice themselves for the other. This act and Tony’s can be summarized likewise:

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:3

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