Review: The Rise of Skywalker

The end of the saga, the last pages of one of the world’s favorite stories, so Star Wars fans everywhere gather to (as C-3PO put it) take one last look at their friends.

My takeaway was on the theme of darkness and light/good and evil, specifically how the dark side is “in our nature,” as Keylo Ren put it. Spiritual speaking, he’s right: the dark side is in all of us. We were born sinners, wrapped in flesh and prone to the inherent fallenness of human nature. Ren embraced this while Rey felt the pull since, as a Palpatine, evil is in her bloodline. Why fight the darkness if it is who you are?

Yet, like how the force empowered Rey to choose the path to the light, the Holy Spirit in believers gives us the strength to deny the nature of our natural selves and embrace the supernatural of Christ. The ability to choose what is right. Rey clung to this, and Ren, like the prodigal son, turned from his dark ways and came home.

In this sense, all believers have the power of the Force with them. With the saga at a close, I find this a happy thought to move forward with. So, may the Force be with you, always.

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