Review: Frozen II

I do my best to go into a movie with a clean slate, untainted by other’s opinions so I can better form one of my own. No spoilers, to put it simply. My brother, however, takes in everything the internet has to offer, conducting thorough research and gaining extensive exposure before the play button is ever hit. Because of this, I learned of a rumor that the producers ruined Frozen II by making Olaf gay. Therefore, I went in with my defenses up.

When the credits started rolling, I already desired to see the movie again because my shields prevented me from enjoying it. As far as sequels go, Disney very well may have surpassed the original.

I liked how each character got a song. My friend Amber Swager, however, pointed out that the songs paused the plot. In the original, musical numbers progressed the plot, like how Elsa begins “Let It Go” under a traditional identity but breaks through and ends the number with a modern identity.

Kristoff’s solo was not among my favorites, however. I did not like how dependent he seemed to be on Anna, how she is his “true north” and without her he is “lost in the woods.” His identity is wrapped up in her, seen when he says, “Who am I, if I’m not your guy?” It is my belief that individuals in a couple should be able to stand alone, to be fully functioning human beings so that, when they come together, they are stronger than when they were apart. 150 + 150 = 300. Your future spouse shouldn’t (and won’t) complete you but enhance you.

On the flip side, Anna needs to learn how to listen. 😂 Poor Kristoff would have had that ring on her finger a lot sooner if she would stop jumping to conclusions, a reminder I very much need. You never know what another is thinking, so ask questions. But yay for the concept of marriage being endorsed! 😄

The scene where Elsa discovers Ahtohallan was also well done, I feel like. You’re able to tell that Elsa is the fifth spirit before it is mentioned verbally. I like how Disney extended the story that way: the parents’ backstory, how the pattern is on everything, and so on. I consider the plot to be well done.

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