Review: Midway

Released in November 2019, Midway is the latest dramatization of the attack on Pearl Harbor, only this film is more so focussing on the efforts of our armed forces following the event.

There are many things I appreciate about the film, specifically the accurate portrayal of gender roles during that time: men out fighting the war while the women supported from home, both valiant efforts. It takes brave men to defend our country and strong women to back them up.

Furthermore, I admire the respect the men had for women. From standing when a woman left the table to encouraging colleagues to go home to their wives, there was a certain regard for women back then that you don’t see much of today.

I also appreciate how the film-makers did not (figuratively) make the Japanese the enemy. I feel like both sides of the story were fairly presented, how we had courageous men fighting for us and the Japanese had courageous men fighting for them. Neither side was deemed demonic or portrayed as less than the other. Both were represented as organizations of bold men striving toward a higher cause.

Moreover, my main takeaway from the movie was the valor of the soldiers. They had pure devotion and commitment they had to their cause. There was crippling fear in their midst, but they stayed true and pushed through until the end.

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