Review: A Peep Behind the Scenes

When COVID-19 policies began to lift after the state-wide quarantine, the Logos Theatre was able to re-open its doors. They were not, however, blind to the state of the public.

While needing funds to keep their doors open, the Logos Theatre realized that many people had nothing to spare but would greatly benefit from a day at the theatre.

At the end of the day, their heart is not with any money that could be made. They want to touch lives, so the Logos Theatre put on the play COVID cut off for free.

Four girls standing in front of a brick wall of the Logos Theatre, around a poster of the play A Peep Behind the Scenes
My friends and I outside the Logos Theatre

The production excellently portrayed the glamour and repulsiveness of stage life. From foreshadowing and symbolism to the actors’ angelic singing voices, this musical had every element necessary to make it high quality.

One of the overarching themes is that anything done for yourself is empty business. This message is especially needed today where so many devotedly seek after what fame they can attain in likes, views, subscribers. Ultimately, none of these things hold any worth and will only lead to dissatisfaction.

All goals in life are like this. If you reach your goal of getting 30 thousand followers, there will be a rush of dopamine, but then you’ll find yourself desiring a higher figure. If you set marriage as your pinnacle of aspiration, tying the knot will only satisfy you for so long. Apart from the grace of God, undesirable circumstances will eventually take place.

This is why, when it comes to bucket list dreams, we should set goals we likely won’t see fulfilled in our lifetime. We should make impossible goals. For believers, this is making disciples of all the tribes and nations. This is conforming to the image of Christ. This the fulfillment of God’s kingdom. We may never see it in our lifetime, but one day Christ is returning to restore the brokenness of this fallen world and make all things new. Oh come, Lord Jesus, come!

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