Hello! I’m Tristen, a broken sinner incomprehensibly loved by her heavenly Father. I am learning how to live my story for His glory and using this blog as a means to export the lessons taught so far. I pray my thoughts shine a glimmer of light in your journey. For now, a little more about me:

I am a proud alumna of Greer Middle College Charter High School (HOME of the Blazers, get fired up, woo!) where I was the editor-in-chief of The Forge and learned American Sign Language for my senior project. I graduated with 23 dual enrollment credits, which allowed me to complete a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Bob Jones University in two and a half years. Of that time, one year was spent as the Web Editor for The Collegian.

When I am not consumed by responsibilities, most of my time is spent doing crafty things like needlepoint, video production, and writing. I love seeing individual parts come together for a greater purpose.

I also enjoy standing in awe of God’s creation. Whether it be a sky full of stars or a wooded creek, I am a nature girl you have to watch because I might wander off and not come back.

I am loyal to a fault and quite joyful despite my weakness for anything and everything poignant. I love it when people laugh, but I am so black-and-white that my attempts at humor hardly receive a weak smile.

Despite popular belief, I am an introvert because being alone is how I gain energy. However, I love being with people (especially my inner circle). Humanity is God’s walking poetry and I love learning from and seeing micro-aspects of His character through those around me.

Most importantly, however, I am a Christian. I believe Jesus Christ died and rose again for the salvation of His children. I love Him because—no matter how many times I fall short—He continues to love me unconditionally. I pray you know He loves you that much, too.

I want to hear from you!