What Makes a Person Beautiful?

A beautiful person is someone you don’t meet every day. They get excited about the patterns leaves make on the ground, watching a sunset, the smell of rain, and starry nights.

A beautiful person is anyone who shows their soul through laughter or tears. The kind of people who have to be experienced in person because words or pictures could never do them justice.

But they are not as beautiful as they look or as they talk. They are as beautiful as they love, care, and share.

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Beautiful people don’t respond with negativity or speak poorly of others. They are deliberately optimistic, never failing to find the silver lining, and don’t nitpick or brag.

Beautiful people see the beauty in others, which also makes them the strongest people because they lift others up rather than put them down.

Beautiful people leave a place better than they found it by picking up after themselves and others: wiping up crumbs, pushing in chairs, grabbing random pieces of trash.

They arrive early and give without expectations. They show gratitude, have good manners, make no excuses, and deliver random acts of kindness— little things that add up to so much.

Beautiful people can see how the rest of the world runs over you. They are the people who notice when you’re feeling left out of a conversation and try to include you, the ones who pay extra attention when everyone else is talking over you.

Beautiful people can empathize with your sorrows but also make you smile, no matter how far your soul has journeyed into the depths of despair. People who understand when they don’t understand and seek knowledge.

The most beautiful people are the ones you can think out loud in front of and have comfortable silences with. They can understand you without you speaking a word. The most beautiful people feel like home because they bring you comfort naturally.

They are the ones with whom you can have fun AND really deep conversations. Actually, they have to put effort into discussing everyday topics because they prefer cruising on the heart level, knowing what’s actually going on and how you are really doing.

The most beautiful people are listeners because they give up themselves to focus on you. They fully invest themselves in you and therefore can carry a conversation like no one’s business.

They value blue eyes over blue light, the ones who order “for here” and talk long after the food is gone. The ones you could talk with for hours and still have a million questions to ask.

The most beautiful people refuse to settle for who you are but push you to be the best you can be. Someone who rewrites your story by merely being your friend, the one who comes into your life and you just know you would never be able to replace them if they left.

Yet beautiful people don’t just happen. They are the ones others don’t take the time to discover. They are the ones who often feel abandoned and lonely themselves.

The most beautiful people are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, and loss but got up every time and kept going.

These are the people who have an appreciation, sensitivity, and understanding of life, which fills them with compassion, gentleness, and deep loving concern.

They are the ones who try their hardest to make others happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel that.

The most beautiful people are others-centered.

They work hard and tirelessly. They encourage and build up. They are fun, inspiring, and strong. They are good-hearted and kind-spirited.

Each of them deserves the world but every day chooses to serve those around them.

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A Handful of the Beautiful People I Am Beyond Privileged to Know

Caleb Russo, for how he lifts others up. –> You love those around you so well. It is common for you to call your community “beautiful people” and hence inspired the original title of this post.

Jayden Schading, for how she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders but still smiles for another’s benefit.

Mr. Lowman, for how he inspires individuals to be the best they can be.

Ben Walkden, for his zest for life. –> You kept life group and senior breakfast entertaining but also brought some solid thoughts to the table. I appreciate your perspective and love for community.

Heide Blackert, for the radiance of hers which fills every interaction with sunshine, happiness, and all things yellow.

My mom, for the magnitude of her energy, enthusiasm, and patience. –> Only a woman of God could embody these traits to the extent you do. I don’t understand it, but I want to be just like that when I am a mother as well.

Heidi Haase, for how the light of God shines through her as she follows Him and encourages others as they do the same.

Caedmon Evans, for his others-centeredness.

Abbie Arnold, for her heart. –> From your passion for God’s word and your relationship with Him to your heart for kids, you fully invest yourself in what your hands set to do. Your humility, long-suffering, and focus on the ultimate inspire me.

Julia Alix, for the joy she brings to my life and her mother bear nature. –> She’s passionate about what she believes in and fervently loves those who are closest to her— in joyful togetherness and when the hurt need to be defended. 😂 You make me laugh and it has been a joy to grow with you (specifically in our brutal honesty 😂). You are spirit and spunk, confidence and humility, and have a crazy quirkiness that brings such color to life. I am learning how to be a more self-confident person through you and am incredibly grateful for our friendship.

Courtney Vannette, for her never-ending joy and continuous energy. –> Your overflowing encouragement, genuine care, and the laughter and stories we shared in between work carried me through my senior year of high school. You make me laugh, cause me to think twice, and encourage me better than most people I know. You are the kind of woman I aspire to one day be.

Ansley Mason, for her understanding of the favor given and efforts to return it.

Ms. Teel, for the love and care she has for her students.

George Zitlaw and Joe LaPenna, for their leadership and selfless sacrifice for life group every Sunday night at Alive and each early Wednesday morning for senior breakfast.

Matthew LaPenna, for his humility about how much raw talent he has and how he uses it to serve others.

My dad, for his determinedness not to get bogged down by all the defeat, suffering, struggle, and loss he has known but rather to learn from it and move on stronger than before.

Brianna Martin, for her work ethic and the sweetness she brings to life.

Aidan Burke, for his creativity. –> I love that cooking and sewing are not just “girl things” to you, that you see the value of such skills and learn and produce with them.

Kaileigh Stoia, for how she sees glimpses of heaven in everyday life. 🌅

Steitler Buisch, for his optimism and the positive energy he brought when walking into Probability and Statistics every Monday and Wednesday morning.

Joy Evans, for her charisma and how she lives out her name. –> I admire how you rolled with the punches to your graduation speech. Anybody else would have been a bundle of nerves, but you smiled right on through and continued stronger than before. 🙌🏼

Shelby (Chacon) Russo, for the natural beauty and grace she brings to life. –> For all the credit you give me for being a writer, I can’t put into words precisely why I love and appreciate you. You are an “iron-sharpens-iron” kind of friend for whom I am grateful.

Karleigh Evans, for her openness and friendliness. –> Your smile is contagious. You interact with people so well and I really enjoy talking with you.

Bailey Alana, also for her friendliness. –> I am really glad we met at that Fuddrucker’s profit share. You bring joy wherever you go and each interaction with you is a blessing.

Celine Mutzke, for how the light of Christ pours out of her. –> Like how Jesus had His disciples, you have your group of friends but that doesn’t stop you from socializing with whoever God puts in your path.

Becca Williams, for her heart (sugar and spice and all things nice). –> I still recall the immensity of your concern upon hearing about a family member’s surgery. Also, you and my dad are like best buds and your friendship brings a lot of joy to my family. 🙂

Kelsey Craig, for her teachability. –> Taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief is a hard job, but you have the right balance of tough skin and humility to succeed. You are a rose, wonderfully sassy but still sweet. Thank you for the laughter you bring to class.

Christian Boulton, for his genuine friendship. –> You take time for people: empathizing, encouraging, and speaking the truth in love. Thank you for your pursuance of friends, constance in times of trial, and rawness.

Naomi (Russo) Allen, for her sweet spirit and the softness she brings to this harsh world.

Briana Hearn, because she is not afraid of failure or saying something that could end up proven incorrect.

Megan Foster, for how she beautifully perseveres through hard times with a smile on her face and kind words for others.

Carolina Lara, for her graceful leadership.

Jared Christopher, for his joy. –> You brighten days by merely being in them.

Luke Black, for his contagious smile and fire for the Lord. –> I’ll never forget when you sat down next to me at that empty table in College Sem and asked how me and God are doing. The inquiry threw me off my rocker and then into a pool of wonder as to why since such a question should be common talk amongst believers. This led me to discover why I wasn’t connecting with my youth group and how I could be an example for change. Thank you.

Maddie Pott –> There have been several instances where I have been telling you what I love about another beautiful person and each time your response has been simple yet revolutionary: “Do they know that? Have you told them that?” You have inspired me to give honor where honor is due, a simple act of kindness I hope to never forget or fail to act upon.

Jonathan Foster, for the joy he brings to life.

Madelene Williams, for the constant running of our friendship in the background. –> From seventh grade to senior year, you were always a familiar face and pleasant conversation even though our paths did not cross very often.

Haley Bennett, for her thoughtfulness and encouragement. –> You are the epitome of why the love shared between people who call themselves Blazers is a bond that is little affected by distance and time. Thank you for your humility and grace to come alongside me and cry out to God on my behalf.

My brother, for his selflessness. –> Some people consist of moments when they are considerate, but that is just the core of who you are, always thinking of the other and rarely of yourself.

Kaylee Hawkins, for how no length of time makes “hello” too hard to say or a hug too awkward to give. –> From carpool freshman year to a brief reconnection on graduation day. Wishing you lots of Panera pastries and Burger King shakes. 😜

Emily Jennings, for her ability to make those around her feel loved. –> I don’t recall ever passing you without receiving a smile and hearing, “Hey, girl!”

Colby Denne, for his friendliness and ability to make others laugh. –> I still remember your pranks freshman year and the greeting you extended senior year at the THE-101 play assignment while everyone else kept their heads down.

Elise Reichard, for her maturity and how she ensures that not one falls forgotten through the cracks. –> You took time away from your graduation party guests to engage me as I floated around the outskirts. Thank you for that, and I enjoyed meeting your fish. 🙂

Mike Hawkins, for the height of his enthusiasm and depth of his love.

My sister, for her big heart. –> You are constantly making spontaneous gifts for the people in your life. From thought-filled cards to baked goods, each item has love at its core.

Bryan Gilbert, for how excited he gets when he worships. He portrays a wonderful image of the joy we should embody when given an opportunity to praise the Lord through song.

Amber Swager, for her perspective on life.

Lauren Cockfield, for how she refuses to let life’s stormy waves of despair overcome her by honing in on the silver lining and sunshine behind the clouds and resting in an understanding of God’s inherent goodness. ☀️

Nathan Janowski, for how he (1) doesn’t hesitate to dive into a mess and bring order to chaos, (2) can’t ignore the pingings of his conscious, and (3) not only sees an area that needs improvement but also acts to make a change. –> Thank you for kindly bearing my learning curves, 😂 a grace that inspires me to continue pushing to become the best I can be.

These are the people who inspire me. The ones I look at and go, “Wow. I want to be like that.” These are the ones who are changing the world through the little things they do in their everyday lives. The people I see Christ in. I would not be who I am today if it were not for how God has worked through you in my life, so thank you. ❤️

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  1. I listened to that podcast yesterday and didn’t get the chance to text you and tell you how encouraging it was!! Not only personally encouraging, but also an encouragement to know how many beautiful people are in this world!!

  2. I just got to listen to it! First of all, you are the most well spoken, poetic, and wise person that I know and I love you so dearly. Second, your words mean so much to me, I had to replay that part a few times because I almost started crying (the brain tends to not process things in such situations). 😅 Your podcast was exactly what I needed to hear tonight and I know that you’re inspiring more people to be beautiful! I love you so very much ❤️❤️

  3. Oh my goodness!! You are the absolute sweetest!! As I was reading your post, I began to notice me looking at you in all those things that make people beautiful and you fit into every one of those descriptions. I’m amazing in how the lord has worked in your life and I’m so excited to see what he will continue to do. Never stop writing and never stop striving after the heart of God. I love you and my fish enjoyed meeting you as well 😉

  4. Aww! That’s so sweet! I loved the whole post by the way, you have such a skill for writing:)

  5. I’m crying omg you’re so sweet ❤️❤️ I’m sitting here with Kaylee and she’s blushing ear to ear. Thank you for that Tristen! You named all those people but i still admire you for being the sweetest, most loving, genuine gal in high school! You’re so uplifting and precious and I’m so proud for what you’re doing at Bob Jones! I know we don’t talk as much as i would like but i do follow you (and your family) on Instagram and I’m so proud that your blossoming and cannot wait to see what all is entailed for you!

  6. This made me smile ☺️ Thank you for being so loyal, caring, and persevering with me as well as dealing with me through my hard times ❤️

  7. Aww Tristen that was such a beautiful article and such a blessing and an encouragement to read. One person was missing in that “beautiful people” list and that’s you! Tristen you have been such a blessing to our whole senior class! Thank you for existing!! 🙂

  8. Tristen that was amazing…. that was the sweetest post I have ever read! Your love, recognition, and humility to write about others is amazing. Tristen, honestly, (I want to recognize you in my life as you did in that post for so many others) you always push me to not talk negatively toward myself and others. You are such a positive person and I admire that and strive to not be negative toward myself because I struggle doing that, and I always thinks about how you say “nooooo” and then say “let’s not think about that” or “that’s not you”. Thank you for saying those things because even if I laughed or seem frustrated I needed/need to hear those things. Don’t stop saying those things to people because people really need that rock of truth in their life in those moments, I know I do. Thank you for always making sure people are setting their mind on Christ… not themselves.

  9. I had to go back and read this again after our wonderful visit because I remember how impelling the line “value blue eyes over blue light” was. So pertinent for our video yesterday. You are truly a gem Tristen and this post is a work of art that I am honored to be a part of. Thank You.

  10. Thank you for this. This is inspiring and brings more light and positivity to this life- which I’m all for. Thank you for being a beautiful person. You’re contagious Tristen Thomas<3

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