To My Grieving Soul

Dear me:

You are not happy with your life right now. This is not where you imagined yourself being a year ago. You wish your circumstances were different, that that would have never happened so today you could be in a “happier” place.

Cut down to the core, you are discontent. You are not finding your joy, satisfaction, or life in the One who abundantly gives.

Dear me, you know better.

“A Christian should be able to lose everything and still have God,” a good friend once told you. Years from now you will look back and realize how trivial all of this is, how little it will matter. Hindsight is 20/20.

John 13:7 says, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.” Years from now, you will realize this is a turn of affairs brought about by the Lord that He might fulfill His word (1 Kings 12:15).

So take a deep breath.

You don’t need to know why you just need to know God. Count your blessings. REMEMBER the many, many things you have to be grateful for. REMEMBER the works of your God, all that He has done in your life.

REMEMBER how to fight your battles, that your Father is using this to draw your heart closer to Him. And smile. Laugh. Be happy. This is a season that, as is with all things, will soon be over.

-Tristen Synclair, 4/7/20

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