Forget About Prince Charming

We’ve all grown up with fairytales of one kind or another. Mighty kings, valiant knights, young heirs, falling in love, and happily ever afters. Hardly a storyline escapes the hero getting some sort of dreamy ride into the sunset.

To the girls who dreamed away their childhood under such notions, let’s be realistic: What happens after the prince gets his princess?

More often than not, reality sets in. The meticulously placed curls fall out, heels are traded for flats, and there come days when putting so much effort into appearance is bypassed. Things get real.

The prince finds out how his princess slouches and she finds out how disheveled his hair looks when he first wakes up. He discovers the straight face she has when she’s tired and she finds out what makes him ecstatically happy.

They ultimately learn everything about the other— the good, the bad, and the really ugly, so why not start out that way?

Why not skip the mascara and throw your hair back every day your time would be better spent elsewhere? Why not be transparent about the darkness of your past and the insanity of your mind? Why not be the realest, rawest version of yourself?

Do what works best for you as you run wholeheartedly and undistracted after the mission God has placed on your heart. If a good Christian guy keeps up, introduce yourself. What is there to lose?

You can be known as the broken down but redeemed sinner you are and better spend the precious but fleeting minutes we have to live focusing on what really matters.

You don’t want a guy to fall in love with your dolled-up appearance only to be surprised when the makeup comes off. It’s more likely that he who gets to know you with greasy hair will greater appreciate the time spent and effort made when you do dress up.

You don’t want a guy who’s solely about fun and games but one who’s looking for a partner to take on life with. It’s likely that he will work through the arguments, miscarriages, or cancer and still look at you with sparkling eyes after the wrinkles, weight gain, and hair loss.

“Once upon a time, she became his and he became hers and they stayed together through the tears and the laughter because that’s what they call happily ever after.”


It’s not about the guy you share a formal evening with but the one who serves beside you on a Sunday morning. Not the one you repeatedly tweak your appearance for but the one who loves you for your unfiltered thoughts and silly voices.

It’s not about Ella and Kit’s elegant romance but how Anastasia and Dmitry bicker like nobody’s business yet love each other all the more. It’s about the guy who finds humor in your character flaws but still stares in awe when you put on that dress.

You laugh with him, cry with him, lift his face when life weighs him down, and pick on him when life is good. You have fun together—a lot of fun—but also really deep conversations.

When you wallow in self-deprecation, he carries you out and fixes your gaze on truth. You can be the mentally insane, awkward klutz that you are and somehow he still only finds reasons to love you.

He might not be the one everyone idealizes (and dancing might be a charade of four left feet), but this isn’t the movies. This is real life. When it comes to a life partner, forget about Prince Charming. Marry your best friend.

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