Top 10 Old School Things That Need to Come Back

If you could live in another time period, what would you choose?

I’d pick 1953 or the era when Jane Austen was alive, times when chivalry, romance, and common respect were not special finds because that’s just how things were done.

As Phil Coulson said in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “I have a real soft spot for that golden age. There was an elegance to things back then.”

In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, there are several items and habits that have faded into the background, underneath the waves of progress.

#10 — Reading books. Physical books

You know, the ones with hardcovers or those bound in paperback. Reading on a NOOK or Kindle will never beat the sensory satisfaction of leafing through a real book.

#9 — Wrapping presents. Like with tape and wrapping paper

Rather than throwing a gift into a bag and covering it with thin paper, this old-fashioned way of concealing presents takes a lot more time and therefore, it communicates a lot more thought. This idea is what counts so, the more ways you can show it, the better.

#8 — Needlepoint

Cross-stitching and embroidery are excellent hobbies to pick up. These fun little projects are great ways to pass time and make wonderful gifts! But really any craft that does not have a screen will do.

#7 — Holding doors

Not like the action is an obligation. Don’t pass the door along, make the other person a priority. Jump out in front of them and hold the door wide open so their entire being may pass through before yours.

#6 — Talk. Just talk

Make this your goal when on a date or whenever you are keeping the company of anyone, and make sure your phone is absent from the conversation. Leave the device in your pocket or (gasp) your backpack, and ignore the persistent buzzing. The rest of the world can wait. Make the person in front of you your priority. Pay attention to them and talk about anything and everything. Sandwiches. Bushes. Silence. Everything.

#5 — Handwritten letters

Whether you are composing a love letter, have a pen pal, or wish to express gratitude, a handwritten note is the way to go. Not only does this thought-filled gift show your devotion, but a collection of them would also be an exceptional memento to read through years later.

#4 — Late-night drives for nothing. Long, aimless walks. Bike rides

Explore. Turn down that road you pass every day, just to see where it goes. Stroll along the well-known streets of your neighborhood because you can. Go with your friends. Peddle to your local grocery store. Buy a treat, sit on the curb, and enjoy.

#3 — Watching the sunrise/sunset and stargazing

There is a certain serenity in watching celestial bodies that one can not experience any other way. Waking up early or staying attentive longer is a small price to pay for the intimacy one could share with fellow gazers. Put away your electronic devices, go outside, and silently observe the natural beauty around you.

#2 — Flowers and chocolates

Or just tokens of affection in general. Words are powerful but limited. Showing your appreciation for someone goes a very long way, even if it is just a small compliment every once in a while or giving them something you know they like. An item doesn’t have to be expensive. Free or handmade gifts are great! It’s the thought that counts.

#1 — Ask her dad and then ask her IN PERSON

Whether you’re preparing a marriage proposal or anticipating a first date, gaining permission from her father (or mother or guardian, if her father is not present in her life) is a for sure way to win a girl’s heart. This action proves that you care about her to the point that even a potentially threatening authority figure won’t scare you away.

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