4 Truths You Can Depend On

There comes a time in life when you are enveloped in so much confusion that you will grab hold of anything that seems to make sense…only to find that those points are also ill-logical.

Desperately searching for something—anything—to explain why things are the way they are, your back and forth will eventually land you in the unpleasant reality that sometimes there is no logic to a situation, only a thick fog incapable of being deciphered.

But—even then—there are four fundamental truths you can depend upon.

#4 — You are loved

This is why you are going through this trial. God loves you too much to leave you in your current state of being. He wants you to grow in character and perseverance, but change does not occur curled up in your comfort zone.

God is jealous for you. He wants your heart and—if atheism is not an option—this trial has brought you to a place where you have no choice but to trust Him. Therefore, this hurt is bringing you one step closer to the ultimate goal of your personal growth: to be conformed to the image and likeness of Christ.

#3 — You are saved

Satan will grab hold of any opportunity to slip in and uproot your faith from the inside out. Do not listen to his whispers! Do not listen to his lies! You are a child of God. Therefore, as an heir, you are destined for the kingdom.

This world is not your home, and part of pain’s purpose is to remind you of this. The brokenness and disunity of this world is meant to stir up a longing for our ultimate destiny. Soon and very soon we will be in that place, free from the aching of this life and overwhelmed by His glory. Oh, to see the day!

#2 — God knows

The oceans you are drowning in are raindrops in His palm. Although you are caught up in the details, God sees the overarching storyline. He knows the elements that have not been revealed to you and the place of those you don’t understand.

Although this makes no sense to you, rest assured that the situation is crystal clear to God. As the book of Proverbs develops, you don’t need to know why you just need to know God. He knows your place in all of this, and that is enough. For now, just do the next right thing.

# 1 — God is good

Above all else, you need to be rooted in this reality. A surgeon cannot heal if he does not cut like how God would not allow your situation to happen if it were not for your good and His glory.

Your Father is an unbiased Judge who has transcendent authority to rule the earth and imminent closeness to care for you as a friend. His compassionate fingerprints are all over the details of your life. Through every up and down, He has brought you safe thus far, and He will be with you until the end of the age.

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